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eCommerce Websites

Whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, you need a dependable responsive (optimal on all devices and screens) eCommerce storefront solution that sets you apart from your competition and handles your unique business rules. Among many standard features Blue Mint eCommerce solutions offer sophisticated upselling and downselling process, automated abandoned shopping cart e-mail reminders, as well as ongoing post-sales customer contact, and of course clear and appealing products and services presentation.

Web Services

Software alone does not make eCommerce successful. Strong web services that surround eCommerce software are essential. Make sure you consider following Web Service:

WordPress Websites

WordPress is a powerful tool for building sophisticated websites. Whether you're launching an advanced eCommerce website or a hobbyist blog, we'll help you select a prestigious theme, tune-up a security, optimize for a maximum SEO/SEM/SMM exposure, and deploy the website to your hosting account. All work warranted to your full satisfaction.

Mobile Websites

With increasing smartphone usage, making a website that is friendly to smartphone users, is crucial to your business success. We will help you convert your web site to a mobile web site. Get ahead of times! Reach out to billions of mobile consumers worldwide who spend more time and money on their mobile devices now more than ever before.

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Digital Marketing Pricing

In order to provide the very best service to our customers and manage their digital marketing budgets effectively, we handle a small number of accounts. Experience has shown that success depends on having the right amount of time to devote toward creating, managing and evaluating digital marketing initiatives.

With so many options and channels nowadays for digital marketing, every project is different. So we work with our customers to develop a custom strategy and project plan that matches their business objectives with the most appropriate web marketing channels.

Here's a general guide for digital marketing pricing...

Large Businesses

Most of our large business clients require a full-service, comprehensive multi-channel strategy that includes organic placement (SEO), pay-per-click management (PPC/SEM), social media marketing (SMM), Google Analytics consulting, conversion optimization, email marketing campaign management and regular in-depth analysis and reporting of the results.

We often are involved in special projects to develop & test digital marketing concepts prior to implementing campaigns on a broader scale. These special projects typically engage our web design and web development team as they are focused on specific geographical markets, demographics and new, unique features to improve lead generation, online sales and in-store (brick-and-mortar) sales.

Large businesses should expect to invest $15K to $35K per month for complete coverage of their digital marketing strategy (excluding pass through expenses like PPC fees). Blue Mint works with large business clients that require a subset of these services. We find that most of our clients are migrating more and more of their overall marketing budget toward digital marketing from traditional channels (TV, radio, print, etc.)

Medium Businesses

Our medium size business clients typically utilize a subset of the digital web marketing services that we provide to larger businesses (see above). Most projects include Google Analytics, organic placement (SEO services), some social media marketing and a lower budget for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Often times we recommend a strong PPC emphasis while we are building up organic rankings, then a reduction in PPC to focus on high-converters.

A major factor in pricing is whether the online marketing goal is for lead generation, online sales or driving foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores. Medium size businesses should expect to pay $5K to $15K per month, depending on the marketing objectives and level of commitment toward digital marketing.

Small Businesses

As larger businesses continue to fine tune and take more and more of the internet marketing space, small businesses will face challenges. Our small business clients generally attack the geographical area of their office(s) or store(s). This approach optimizes the budget in that it ONLY targets prospects in their respective areas and ONLY those that are actively seeking their services and/or products.

Highly efficient! Because small businesses typically have smaller marketing budgets, it is even more critical to identify the digital marketing channels that produce results. For some small businesses, ''results'' correlates to brand visibility, but most all small businesses are looking to generate revenue either through highly qualified leads or online sales. Nearly everyone uses the web to find local services, small businesses must make sure they are visible. Small businesses should expect to pay $2K to $5K per month or perform an initial setup followed by quarterly ''booster shots''. Contact us to learn more.

Social Media Services



Social Media Strategy