About Blue Mint

Blue Mint Solutions Inc provides secure, fast and responsive end-to-end ecommerce systems, in addition to a full spectrum of digital marketing services. We work with your team on growing your customer base, and maximizing your performance and profit through automation.

Years of proven experience with young in heart approach

If you are looking for an established Canadian web development company, that is always available to you (no outsourcing), really knows Content Management, CRM, trives on building Custom eCommerce Solutions, and develops eCommerce websites that produce millions of dollars Worldwide, then give us a call.

The Approach

The solutions we build are custom made and based on your real needs. We learn about your business and provide recommendations how, and what can be automated/optimized to run smoother, faster and more efficiently.

We thus think of ourselves, first and foremost, as a consultancy focused on achieving positive outcomes for our clients, and our unique approach, personal care and software solutions are means to that end.

Elegant Simplicity

We aim for elegant simplicity — choosing only those features you need to do your job well — we trim out any excess that would encumber you.

The ultimate goal is a system that requires no training to use proficiently, so everyone in the business can get up and running right away.

We don’t try to be all things to all people. We focus on eCommerce and automated business process management, and we do it well.

Tailor made for your business

With every client, we develop unique strategy, focusing on speed, efficiency, and easy to use. We create custom made software solution for your business, putting you ahead of your competitors. We will help you find the ways to automate the business process, even when you aren't sure where to start.